As part of its mission, the firm Expertise Label accompanies you in all of your reporting obligations.
Deadlines are multiple and the fiscal stakes are high. It is therefore essential for the entrepreneur to be assisted by a qualified professional.

DeadLine Impôts
Among these declarative obligations:
value added tax  (VAT)
corporation tax (IS) / (IR) personal income tax
tax return
Company Value Added Contribution (C.V.A.E)
Company Real Estate Contribution (C.F.E)
♣ taxes (tax of learning, continuing vocational training, tax on vehicles of companies)

This list is not exhaustive.

In addition, the firm also offers a support service in case of tax audit. Indeed, the announcement of a tax audit is generally a source of great concern for the entrepreneur. This is explained by the multiplicity and complexity of tax rules in force.

Controlling rigorously all the subtleties of the tax system is therefore essential. Thus, Expertise Label offers its assistance to enable you to pass the test of fiscal control with confidence.

Finally, we offer tailored consulting missions to help you adopt a strategy to optimize the tax of your business or your estate.